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This can range from removal and replacement of a woofer for re-foam or re-cone, to crossover repair or modification. Two popular services are our “R&R, inspect, lab” and “internal rewire”.

 The first item includes removal of parts for re-foam or re-cone, a thorough internal inspection, re-installation of parts, lab testing to check frequency response and if the speaker has a genuine wood/veneer cabinet, it gets a coating of wood finish restorer.

 Cost: $15 per cabinet for home speakers, $25 per cabinet for Pro or DJ speakers.

 The second item is recommended if we find oxidized or corroded cable – very common in the Northwest - during the internal inspection. We use high grade Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) 16 gauge speaker cable as our standard replacement wire. 

Cost: $30 per cabinet for a “2-way” speaker, $45 for 3-way. More than 3-way: $15 per driver. Pro internal rewire starts at $40 per cabinet.





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Last modified: February 18, 2005