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  Please call (206.409.4724) or email (loudspeakerguy@gmail.com) for the latest price information, or if you have questions about the services we offer.


All repairs performed by TLS personnel are warranted against Defects Only for a period of ninety (90) days from delivery of repaired equipment-all warranty claims Must be accompanied by
an original Invoice, and Repair Tag must be intact on repaired equipment. Parts of any kind sold Over-the-Counter are sold as-is, and are covered by a 24-hour "working warranty" - replacement is limited to D.O.A. parts only, no later than the next business day after purchase. Parts sold OTC are never guaranteed suitable for any certain purpose or use, nor are they intended to perform at any level beyond basic functionality. It is at TLS's sole discretion to act upon any warranty claim at any time. Some items are covered by their manufacturer's warranty and TLS will expedite any claims according to the terms of the particular manufacturer's warranty. TLS may charge a nominal shipping/handling fee to offset the cost of expediting such warranty claims.

Shipping parts to TLS for repair:

It is recommended that you pack your drivers in a double-walled corrugated cardboard box with enough packing (newspaper works quite well) to protect the part from a 6-foot fall. We also
recommend that you insure your package for at least $100, more if you choose, and ship with proof-of-delivery (UPS, FedEx are automatic, USPS charges extra).  We will return the repaired items IN THE SAME CARTON WE RECEIVED IT IN. Customer pays shipping in BOTH DIRECTIONS.

The LoudSpeaker Store reserves the right to refuse repair or any other service to anyone for any reason. We hope to exercise this right rarely, if ever.  TLS also reserves the right to dispose of abandoned equipment not claimed within 30 days of notice of repair completion by any means, including but not limited to recycling parts, retail sale, auction, or donation. We will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner of the equipment by phone, email and/or registered letter prior to disposal.  After exhausting all efforts to notify the owner, TLS is released from any/all claims by the owner of such equipment, and owner will forfeit any fees or deposits paid for estimates or repairs to said equipment.