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Our Background, History and Philosophy

The LoudSpeaker Store was founded by Paul and Jackie Johnston in the Seattle, Washington area of the Pacific Northwest in 2003. "We are fanatic for helping our customers get the most out of their favorite music and movies, and do it affordably" Paul says. "I want to exceed my customers expectations every day", he continues. "We do this by staying focused on the customer's needs. I want my customers to enjoy a better sound system than they ever dreamed possible."

Paul has worked with some of the top local audio stores, including Speakerlab and Magnolia HiFi. He has represented several prominent manufacturers including Kenwood, Atlantic Technology, Kicker, Proton, and Advent. Most recently, Paul fulfilled a life-long dream and worked as the Pacific Northwest Sales Rep for Klipsch Audio Technologies. He was the only third-generation sales Rep in company history.

Paul's other interests include "spending time with my wife and two sons, anything to do with Scotland, especially Bagpipes and Scotch, watching and coaching Baseball, and listening to as much live music as possible." If you visit our facility after hours you may very well find Paul on the banks of the Green River blowing away on his own bagpipes.

55 Years of History in the Audio Industry

The Family's history in the audio or "Hi-Fi" business goes all the way back to 1948, when Ray Johnston took on the first of many audio manufacturers represented by his companies until he retired in 1985. Ray worked and became close friends with some of the most legendary names in audio, including Paul W. Klipsch, Herman H. Scott and Saul Marantz.

One of the Family's most treasured material possessions is a pair of 1957 Klipschorns(R) given to Ray on the occasion of his 10th year representing the Klipsch line of speakers (see picture to below). They still cause pant legs to flutter and Goosebumps to be raised. They are installed as the Main Speakers in Ray's son Chuck Johnston's Home Audio and Theater system. They have never needed a single repair.

The "audio bug" bit Paul Johnston, Ray's Grandson, at a very early age. He was 8 when according to Ray, "he had stronger product knowledge than some of the sales folks on the floor in the better audio stores". By age 13, Paul was working alongside Ray during new product introductions, Stereo Shows and making the rounds with Ray on his visits to area Hi-Fi stores.

Paul recalls, "I knew at a young age that I wanted to work in the Music or Audio business". At a seminar given by the late Paul W. Klipsch, Paul inquired what it would take to work for Klipsch and Associates in Hope, Arkansas. Mr. Klipsch advised him to "study math and physics, get an engineering degree", with the promise of a job in Hope upon graduation. This was not to be, as the young Johnston's heart was in music and drama, not math and science.

Yet, in 1983, Paul got "my first job for pay" selling speaker kits and audio gear at one of the original Speakerlab Stores in Seattle. "I didn't make a ton of money, but it was an absolute blast (pun intended) helping folks find that a great sounding stereo system was something they really could afford." Paul continues, "It was most rewarding to see my customers build their own speakers from our kits and have them not only work, but sound truly fantastic".

Our Philosophy

Music is just as essential to health and well being as is food, water and education. We exist for the purpose of making music more attainable to a larger number of people. Whether you need a speaker repaired or you choose to purchase and assemble one of our speaker kits, we won't be happy with anything less than your total satisfaction. We are guided by the intentions of exceeding our customers' expectations and doing the right thing EVERY TIME. Period.


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Last modified: February 18, 2005